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Global PR & Influence Director

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  • Paris, Île-de-France, France
Relations Presse & Influence

Description de l'offre d'emploi

As a Global PR & Influence Director, you will help Polène shine internationally by developing ambitious, high-impact communications strategies.

You will be responsible for ensuring the quality of the brand's visibility. You will play a key role in conveying the brand's DNA to the press, VIPs and influencers. 

This position requires in-depth knowledge of the luxury and fashion sectors, and an excellent address book both internationally and in France.

Reporting to the CEO, you will manage a multicultural team of 20 international PRs based in Paris, each representing their own market.

You will define the global visibility dynamic while maintaining a local approach for each country.

Your responsibilities will include :

1/ Drawing up and implementing PR and influencer communication plans

  • Establishing and maintaining an excellent relationship with magazine editors, as well as VIPs and TOP influencers
  • PRESS: ensuring excellent press visibility (print and web), identifying speaking opportunities, creating unique reports on the brand, transcribing the House's values as faithfully as possible
  • INFLUENCE/VIP: defining and deploying an influence strategy for each market aligned with the global strategy

2/ Support for markets

  • Set quantitative and qualitative objectives for each market and support them in their implementation
  • Support international Boutique openings

3/ KPI's

  • Monthly analysis of the results of the strategies implemented and implementation of action plans for the following months

4/ Budget

  • Building and monitoring the international budget by market

As part of your work, you will take part in 360 meetings involving the various divisions of the company.

Pré-requis du poste

● You are fluent in English

● You have at least 10 years' experience in PR, in a position of high responsibility

● You have solid experience of working for a luxury or high-end brand with a strong international profile

● You have a strong interest in fashion and leather goods

● You have a very international profile, with a focus on the US, Europe or Asia

● You have an excellent address book in the media/fashion sector, particularly in the US market

● You have a strong VIP and influential network

● You are known for your excellent interpersonal skills and excellent presence

● You have significant experience in team management

● You have knowledge of the different medias and you are open to the environment in which the world of fashion and luxury evolves

● You enjoy traveling and are prepared to do so on a regular basis

  • Paris, France
Relations Presse & Influence


  • Paris, France
Relations Presse & Influence